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♥ Lesson #1:: Your mojo ♥

Everyone has a certain kind of sexy personality...it may be hiding, but you got one! You just got to show it! Don't be afraid of what others may be thinking of you, either because the one who sits back and never takes any initiative is the one that gets left behind and you do not want to be left behind. It's not cool.

So, pick a flavor of what your "you goo" should be and go with it. You goo is the social lubricant you put on in public (In other words, it's your sexy personality. Your mojo.), so pick one and let's get lubricating girls! ;)

What flavor is your baddy sauce?

Hot and sour
Bittersweet chocolate
Ginger soy
Marshmallow chewy
Salsa fresca
Sweet and nutty
Honey pepper
Green curry
Spicy meatball
Lemon butter
Jalapeno hot
Plum duck

Personally, I can be picante when I want to be, but normally I'm Bittersweet chocolate. So sweet and cute, I can give you a toothache. What's yours?

If you guys ever see a book/article/song/movie that you think would be good for other bad girls to see or read or listen to, please post it! Or if you have some bad ass questions to ask...go right ahead. You can talk about everything from love to sex to family. So, have fun and get more girls to join! ;)
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