xxcandypantsxx (xxcandypantsxx) wrote in xbadgirlsclubx,

♥ Sexy vs. Skanky ♥

A bad girl needs to stay in the loop as to what's sexy vs what's skanky because we don't need to go out looking all skanked up.

Sexy: Little Actresses walking little dogs
Skanky: Big Actors walkign little dogs

Sexy: Blushing bride, Amanda Peet
Skanky: Blushing bride, Anna Nicole Smith

Sexy; Sporting puffy sleeves
Skanky: Sporting sleeves so volumnious you could pass for a marshmallow

Sexy: House
Skanky: House of Carters
(Now I beg to differ on this one. There is only one great doctor show and that's Scrubs, besides House of Carters is something to totally sit and laugh at whenever its on. That's what Matt and I do)

Sexy: Fishnet stockings
Skanky: Fishnet top

Sexy: Kissing your mate's lips in a public place
Skanky: Kissing your mate's stomach in a public place
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