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Fascinating facts about men

Little details elude them

Both sexes process events in the amygdala, an almond shaped mass in the brain that responds to arousing stimuli. Women interpret these scenarios in the left side, which is better able to absorb details. Men, on the other hand, process them on the right side of the amygdala, so they can recall the gist but not the nitty-gritty, That's why he can remember where you went on your first date but unlike you, wouldn't be able to recall what the weather was like.

They really want to be married

You may think men are programmed to be players, but the concept of marriage actually may have been created by males as a form of "mate guarding." Sticking to one woman could have ensured a greater chance of reproductive success than the exhaustive process of bed-hopping from one female to the next.

They obsess, too!
Rather than worry about why they're feeling s certain way or what someone else might be thinking, as women often do, men tend to stress (actually make that obsess) about the right course of action to take in a given situation.

Toys are part of their DNA
Ever wonder why men are so into their toys? One theory is that, over time, males developed preferences for objects that they could throw and move, which utilized the skills they needed for hunting and finding a mate.
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