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Be desired!

Active with imagination

Live life to the fullest by getting active and ensuring you're not only slim but trim and toned. Try these simple suggestions to get energized.

Keep moving. Whether it's taking the stairs over the elevator or getting out on the dance floor at your favorite club, the more you move the more calories you burn.

Make everything an activity. Exercise doesn't have to mean spending hours in the gym. Go for a walk with a friend or picking up the pace during a day out shopping can help you drop those pounds.

Slim and trim at the gym. If you'd benefit from a more structured environment the gym is the way to go. Exercise machines make weight training simpler, joining an exercise class can keep you motivated, a little personal training can work wonders and you never know who you might meet. ;)

A step in the right direction. Start your day off with a fast-paced walk around the neighbourhood. It's an easy way to burn off extra calories.

Beauty starting skin deep

Beauty may be skin deep, but why shouldn't your outer radiance match your inner? Heighten your outer glow with these beautifying tips.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! For a quick, at home body exfoliation, mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar and smooth the mixture over your skin in circular motions (avoiding the breast area). Rinse off in the shower and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Moisture mystique. Apply face lotion within three minutes of washing your face. You only have about three minutes to stop the evaporation of water from skin.

Suntan fan? Exposure to the sun can be damaging. For a non-hazardous, wrinkle-free glow, opt for a self-tanner over the harmful rays of the sun. Top it off by mixing a small amount of shimmer into your foundation for that exotic bronzed look.

Zap zits! Tone down the redness of unsightly blemishes by applying an ice cube to the area for about 30 seconds. Then place a few dabs of eye drops on the spot.

Scent satisfaction. If you're tired of your perfume scent disappearing before the night is through? Give your favorite fragrance extended life by dabbing petroleum jelly on your pulse points.

Be an Object of Desire

It's not always easy to stay motivated. Try these ideas for added encouragement when you need it most.

Always think positive. Confidence is sexy. There's nothing more attractive than a vivacious woman!

Choose sexy, not shameless. Tease their imaginations. You don't have to bare a lot of skin to make them notice.

Treat your body like a temple. Make healthy food choices and keep active - the results are well worth it!

Source: be-desired.com
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